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Relationship Counseling

Relationships can be complicated, and it is often a common reason for seeking counseling.

Do you wonder if you chose the right person?

May be you’ve been married for awhile, and you’re wondering: Is this all there is?

Do you still live with the pain of an old relationship, and you’re having hard time creating a new one.

Relationships determine the quality of our life. Yet they can be difficult to navigate.  May be you are at crossroads in your love life. Part of you may feel the love, and another is disappointed or longing for more. Feeling stuck and unable to find fulfillment can lead to more disappointment and anxiety. Sometimes people have unrealistic romantic ambitions, and tolerate unresolved issues way too long.

How do we learn about healthy relationships? Who are your role models? We are not taught in school about relationships instead we learn about love in our family growing up. As adults, it is our responsibility to become aware of our relational dynamics, and learn how to establish loving connections. 

Whether you’re experiencing intimacy issues or emotional disconnection, counseling can help you to find more balance. I offer guidance to become aware of your relational dynamics and shift ineffective patterns.

Why Seek Therapy for Relationship Issues?

Counseling provides a safe space to explore relationship dynamics, find your voice, and reconnect with yourself. 

  • Healing from past relationships
  • Infidelity
  • Selecting unavailable or unreliable partners 
  • Post-Divorce: redefining yourself and your relationships 
  • Dealing with relationship uncertainty or the complexity of getting married again. 
  • Making a decision if you should stay or go
  • Anxiety and Stress
  • Codependency : excessive care taking of other people
  • Improving self-esteem and confidence
  • Repeating the same relationship patterns with different partners.

As a therapist, I’m here to help you with your important relationships

  • Cultivate self – awareness and understanding of your own relational patterns that may be causing stress.
  • Attune to your needs, and take responsibility for your own experience and how you love.
  • Engage in healthy ways to communicate with your partner.
  • Allow space for healing and making a conscious choice.


I’m glad you’re here! 

At Career Life Choices Counseling, my approach is to meet you where you are and provide a safe space to cultivate your best self and relationships. 

As a therapist, Kris Kirilova, LCPC provides compassionate counseling in Arlington Heights, IL or virtually within IL, WI & FL. My local office serves Northwest communities and suburbs of Chicago.

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