Midlife Women’s Circle 

Virtual Support Group: Navigate Midlife with Grace and Purpose

Are you a woman at a crossroads, navigating the complexities of midlife? Are you trying to start a new chapter of your life? If you’re going through a life transition, change, or simply seeking direction and purpose, you’re not alone.

Join a small group of women, facing similar challenges of midlife with grace and resilience. Whether you’re professional, coupled, separated or divorced, participants will find a supportive space.

Facilitated by: Kris Kirilova, LCPC

In this group, we will explore various themes related to midlife such as managing the unknown, changes to body and mind, relationships, finding a new path, and purpose.  We will provide safe space for open sharing, and support. Using mindfulness, the group will tap into nourishment and ease the stressors of change. 

NOTE: This circle is suitable for women in their late 30’s through 60. 


Cost is $50 per group



What to Expect

Safe space to connect with other women who are navigating similar challenges. Together we will gain resilience, courage, and meaning for the second half of life.

Each session will focus on different aspects of midlife as we engage in discussion, self-discovery, and reflection.

  • Guided meditations & self-compassion
  • Identify gaps between where you are and where you want to be
  • Untangle your fears or unhelpful beliefs
  • Explore ways to take action and tap into your values
  • Get support in a community

* It is expected that you commit for 4 sessions to keep group cohesive.

Coming Soon

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