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Are you struggling with a midlife change or transition? Are you searching for balance and fulfillment?


Midlife challenges may begin by unexpected event such as a job loss, relationship breakdown, or some other loss. This may feel more gradual such losing an interest or feeling restlessness and longing for some change. You may feel a gap between what you pursued in life, and what you feel and experience on the inside.  Despite the level of success you have accomplished, you may feel anxiety, worry or dissatisfaction.

Midlife is a period marked by restlessness or unfulfillment, where past choices about your life, relationships, and even your place of residence are questioned.  Perhaps you’re wondering if it is a midlife crisis, a phase that can strike in your late 30s or later in your 40s and 50s.

In the background of all this, you sense that time is running out.

You may be thinking I have done all the expected things and look successful on the outside, so why does my life not feel right?

Understanding Life Transitions in Midlife

Throughout our lives we go through many changes. Midlife is marked by major transitions such as changes to body and mind, changing family relationships, empty nest for some, divorce for others, or burnout at work that you can no longer tolerate. Many people report searching for balance and stability in the midst of multiple stressors – whether it is from work, family or health issues. It becomes clear that the “old” way of living life may need to re-examined, and unhealthy patterns released with compassion and courage.

Current research about aging and midlife, emphasizes creating a “third chapter”,  and defining midlife as the years when one is neither old, nor young, a period that can be transformative. This is a time for self-reflection about past choices, values, rediscovering who you are and accepting yourself as you move into the next chapter. Knowing that you deserve a life full of meaning and purpose.

Common Mental Health Concerns in Midlife 

These are some common concerns experienced when going through life transitions in midlife. Counseling provides a safe space to explore your own thoughts, find your voice, and reconnect with your values.

Existential Anxiety 

    • Tension and restlessness about the future.
    • Feeling pressure to achieve certain milestones.
    • Coping with regrets or unresolved issues from the past.
    • Fear of aging.

Relationship Challenges

    • Relationship and marital challenges – communication issues and conflicts.
    • Divorce or relationship breakdown.
    • Adjusting to an empty nest as children leave home.
    • Infidelity or the lure of an affair.

Health Concerns

    • Physical health changes including fatigue, decreased energy levels.
    • Burnout at work that is no longer tolerable.

Identity and Purpose

    • Questioning your identity, values, and life purpose.
    • Struggling with unmet expectations about your life.

Career Changes such as job loss or transition

    • Rebalancing work and person life.

Ready to Start Life Transitions Counseling?

If you’ve lost touch with who you are as a person, feeling afloat and questioning what you want out of life, I want to help. Start working with a therapist who understands the challenges of midlife transitions:


  • Bring awareness to unhealthy beliefs or patterns, 
  • Navigate change and transitions with grace and resilience.
  • Re-evaluate past choices to gain wisdom from your experiences.
  • Create or birth something new, take courageous steps towards a new lifestyle, new friendships, or enhance your overall well-being.

Life Transitions Counseling Based on Your Goals  

As an experienced therapist, my approach is to meet you where you are and provide a safe, confidential space to explore solutions that fit your lifestyle and goals. We’ll collaborate to establish clear objectives.

Kris Kirilova, LCPC provides counseling in Arlington Heights, IL or virtually within Illinois, Florida, and WI.

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